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Cupping Therapy for Athletes

You may have noticed several circular red marks on the 2016 Olympic athletes this year. This is from cupping therapy, widely practiced in China. The therapy is gaining some steam with athletes in hopes that it can help them recover quicker during this year’s games. The most prominent athletes that have tried this therapist are swimmers, but other athletes are also claiming benefits from the practice. While science can’t quite verify the therapy’s benefits, it’s thought to bring about a mild immune response and increase blood flow to the skin. Either way, it’s definitely an interesting concept and kudos to today’s athletes for trying some new non-invasive techniques for relieving pain. Good job!

Massage on the Ice

Saturday October 11th, superstar hockey player Alex Ovechkin gets clipped by another player on the ice and he takes a nasty fall. He gets up, calls for a trainer to come over, and immediately gets a neck and shoulder massage. Alex O is litterally worth millions of dollars and his body is his asset. If a shoulder rub is good enough for him, I’ll take two!

Chair Massage Visit Today

From time to time we sample the goods. Today we had chair massages by Khalitha and I must say, it was fantastic. I pitch for my son’s baseball team and we had practice last night. After about 300 pitches to 8 year olds, my 40-year old body felt pretty good this morning. I just stepped out of Khalitha’s chair and I had no idea how good that massage was going to feel. Even when you think you feel good, massage can be the perfect way to make you feel even better! Thanks again Khalitha!

Soreness Following Massage

We recently had chair massages in our office and I asked the therapist to really work heavily on a few trouble spots in my back. The work was great, my back felt better, but I was a little sore the next day. This is to be expected! Don’t worry, it’s part of the process of manipulating the muscles and ultimately the recovery of the muscles. Never fear, no pain, no gain!

Massage for Athletic Pains and Injuries

Injured muscles, or even minor muscle pains, can benefit a great deal from massage. Proper manipulation of the area surrounding the injury can speed up the healing process and promote blood flow to the muscles. As with any injury, diagnosing the severity of the issue is critical, but once massage is determined to be an acceptable form of treatment, it can definitely speed up the healing process. Relaxation and easing of tension in the area can only help for those sore muscles!

Alternative Therapies for Pain Relief

Aging is something that none of us can escape. And, compared to the alternative, it’s most welcome! One of the side effects of getting older is stiff muscles, joints, and the occasional random body aches. Exploring alternative methods of relieving this pain will be beneficial on multiple fronts. First, you can avoid going down the path of OTC or prescription drugs. The fewer pills we have to take, the better we’ll all be. Second, it will help you enjoy your day-to-day life as much as possible. You do have to get older, but you don’t need to be in pain while doing it! Be it massage, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture or any other alternative medicine, give it a shot!